In the center of Seville, next to the Real Maestranza just completed the consolidation and reform of a beautiful, historic building from Arenal. 


The aim was to create a number of studios and small apartments that offer the tenant a simple and cozy space that will allow maximum enjoyment of this city.


After the recent renovation, the building has been fitted with a modern infrastructure at sanitation, supplies and telecommunications, but has retained the original flavor with which it was created. This maximum is respected; Clean up, clean, maintain and reuse. As an example we can admire as preserved and reused the hydraulic paving robust and colorful mosaics and tiles that gave birth to the building. In the same line as we observe the total restored original woodwork balconies, doors and windows and has been observed every detail of the monumental facade.

The original homes have been maintained but have been divided more efficiently in studies, duplex or apartment 1 bedroom eliminating hallways, walls and high ceilings used giving breadth and dynamism to the space. Large windows and the different orientations provide good light, natural ventilation and joy to the homes.

There has been a simple but effective reform has become Almansa November 11 century building while maintaining the beauty, charm and appeal which has always enjoyed this inmueble.Finalmente has established the building and is equipped with modern maximum security and sanitation facilities, electricity, air conditioning and telecommunications.  


He has held a wide terrace on the top floor available to residents of the building for use and enjoyment. There is also a cozy local on the ground floor that can be used for various leisure and cultural activities as well as a meeting and exchange itelectual. In Almansa 11 is intended to foster relationships between tenants to make more pleasant and rewarding stay in Seville. Both local tenant and the newcomer to the city.


We have had few means to carry out this project. In the current economic environment to find funding has been more complicated than in previous years. This has been supplemented by economic hardship with enthusiasm, creativity and work. Illusion to maintain and give beauty to an abandoned homestead how we, creativity to solve efficiently the needs and wishes of our tenants and work to make this project a reality.


We hope that Almansa 11, besides helping the growth and development of this city, is also witness to many moments of happiness.


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Disponibles aptos. larga estancia
Disponibles aptos. larga estancia